wallplay is committed to its social impact mission of repurposing empty spaces for public good.

Wallplay is a hyper-local platform that programs & operates vacant spaces with commercial pop-ups & art exhibitions until landlords secure permanent tenants. Wallplay transforms spaces into community hubs. We provide the public access to discover art installations & experiential brand pop-ups. Our spaces are powered by community; we facilitate the ability for locals to apply to program the spaces that inhabit their neighborhood.

Founded in 2013 by Laura O’Reilly, Wallplay expanded to over 26 locations in New York City over the past seven years with its unique business model. Wallplay currently programs & operates locations across three neighborhoods, including  ON CANAL25 KENT & Wallplay Seaport. Wallplay has hosted over 300 exhibitions and branded pop-ups. Its public art program has reached millions of New Yorkers.

If you are a landlord/developer with vacant space and would like to learn more about our model contact us.



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