Vicki DaSilva

Vicki DaSilva

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Vicki DaSilva performatively draws with LED lamps on location to create text and/or ribbon-like sheets of light. Her practice is a time-based art form anchored in the traditional photographic process with additional elements of performance, political intervention, and public art happenings.

By keeping the camera's aperture opened for lengthy periods of exposure, these light painting and light graffiti photographs are produced at night or in darkened interior spaces. The fact that the work is ephemeral, leaves no physical trace of having existed and has a zero footprint environmentally is fundamental to her work. When working within the public realm, a spontaneous collaboration between the public and these happenings sparks a dialogue between artist and accidental participants.

DaSilva's work also taps into the creative awareness of artistic practice and social activism. Sharing her images and videos online as a form of solidarity, protest, and awareness of social and political issues keeps her engaged with current events and our world at large.


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