Olivia Steele

Olivia Steele

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Olivia Steele's concise statements are meant to convey powerful, resonant messages to the widest possible audience. Her primary medium of choice is hand-formed glass filled with neon gas, although she has also ventured avidly into the use of industrial materials more commonly associated with traffic signage.

Steele enters a meditative state when creating and installing her works. She aims to empower individuals through personal, inner musings and time-tested philosophical wisdom that personally inspire her. Her innate fascination with the sublime and the 
spiritual manifest and inform her semiotic sculpture to create layered meaning.

Steele’s motivation to create art is utilitarian; she wants her work to induce reflection, growth, and positive transformation in each viewer, all the while penetrating boundaries between form and function. The often illuminated acumens are meant to initiate both an inner dialog and external connection to humanity, ideally acting as literal and figurative beacons of light.


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