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Jen Stark

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Jen Stark began working with construction paper in 2004 while studying abroad in Paris. Archival dyed pulp, manipulated completely by hand, soon became her medium of choice and defined her early career. Requiring hours of deep concentration, sketching, an innate talent for grasping the mathematics behind her geometrical forms, and an X-acto knife, Stark has created hundreds of celebrated, layered paper-based sculptures.

Stark is primarily inspired by psychedelia, the fruits of psychedelic experience, and nature, which she emphasizes through non-representational oozing, wormhole, and fractal inspired configurations. These forms hold the weight of monumental philosophical topics, including the void, interconnection, and naturalism. While her early career was primarily defined by mesmerizing, intricate, and meticulously constructed paper sculptures, Stark now works in a variety of media, including wood, acrylics, oils, metal, plexi, fabric, mural, and moving image. A diversification of of artistic practice has allowed Stark to create more work for public space, including painted murals and outdoor sculpture, reaching the masses.


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